What do I get when I sign up?

You get to join like-minded people and participate in one of the first ever virtual barefoot challenges!

Your £28 fee pays for entry to the challenge, a hand printed t-shirt of your choice, a downloadable tracker, lots of online tips and support from our community, and (once you have finished) a gorgeous eco-friendly wooden medal.

How do I decide my distance?

We have purposely created this challenge to make barefooting accessible to everyone – so your distance is completely up to you. You may be trying out barefoot walking/running for the first time and only feel confident enough to walk a mile a day for 50 days – which is absolutely perfect! Or maybe you’re already a barefoot runner but are looking for an excuse to commit to barefooting every day and want to earn some amazing bling in the process, so you sign up to the 100 medal for 100 miles of accumulated barefoot running! Or maybe you just want to have a go at running a straight 25 miles in bare feet… 

The distance, how much you run/walk at a time, and how long it takes you is entirely down to you. There are no right or wrong answers, no winners or losers – just the opportunity to do something a bit different and start a mini adventure from your door. And obviously earn a medal at the end!

When can I start?

Whenever you want! Just log your start day on your tracker, and free your feet and go!

How do I track my progress?

Your welcome pack will include a tracker chart to help you tick off the days/miles, along with your t-shirt of course!

How do I submit my results?

Garmin, Strava etc or just a photo of your ticked tracker – remember, there are no winners or losers!

Can I wear barefoot shoes?


What does the medal look like?

It’s stunning! It’s 10cm wide and 8mm thick – so bigger and chunkier than most medals. Hand constructed from certified sustainable wood and layered in different colours – it’s sure to be a truly beautiful addition to your medal collection. See the listing for pictures.

What t-shirt options are there?

There are three t-shirt colours to choose from – aqua, charcoal black, and heather grey. Aqua is printed with white ink, charcoal black is printed with metallic silver ink, and heather grey is printed with black ink. The t-shirts are constructed from super soft sports grade tri-blend fabric and are ethically and sustainably sourced with a no-slavery guarantee. The design is hand screen printed onto the t-shirt using water based, chemical-free ink - Pathfinder UK® do not, and will not, EVER, use heat applied vinyl or plastic transfers.

What sizes are the t-shirts?

The t-shirts are available in a more relaxed men’s/unisex fit with a crew neck, or a more fitted, shaped ladies’ option with a lower neckline.

Ladies’ sizes:

  • Small – Size 8/10 (30/32”)
  • Medium – Size 10/12 (32/34”)
  • Large – Size 12/14 (34/36”)
  • X Large – Size 14/16 (36/38”)

Men’s sizes:

  • Small – 37” Chest
  • Medium – 39” Chest
  • Large – 42” Chest
  • X Large – 44” Chest
  • 2X Large – 46” Chest

*Note – All sizes are approximate

When will I receive my t-shirt?

At Pathfinder UK® we are always mindful of our impact on the environment – to cut down on unnecessary waste, we don’t carry any stock and only ever print to order. Once your sign-up order has been received, your t-shirt will be printed and despatched within approx. 7 days. Overseas customers will receive their medal and t-shirt at the same time to minimise our carbon footprint.

When will I receive my medal?

Unless you are overseas, your medal will be sent out shortly after you have submitted your tracker/evidence.

Good Luck, and most importantly, enjoy the barefoot experience - this challenge is just for fun! (The more serious ones are coming soon… 😉)

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