We are 'Better Path Advocates'

We’ve been asked a few times recently – “Who or what are we?”⁠

Are we printers and sportswear suppliers?⁠

Are we runners/CrossFitters/athletes?⁠

Are we literal 'path finders'?⁠

Do we collect good books and good music?⁠

Or do we just love good food?

To be fair, looking at the Pathfinder snippets social media offer, I can see why those questions have been asked.⁠ ⁠

The short answer is – we are ALL the above!⁠ ⁠

We are ‘Better Path Advocates'.⁠ ⁠

We wanted a better path for clothing and apparel choices; one which had less of an impact on the planet – so we sourced ethically and sustainably produced garments and printed our own using environmentally friendly inks.⁠

We wanted a better path for health and greater fitness – so we became runners and athletes, and sought out like-minded clubs and organisations to join us.⁠

We wanted a better path to be able to make informed choices, and reward our senses with good books and feel-good music.⁠

We wanted a better path to feel better on the inside (as well as looking good on the outside!), by nourishing our bodies with better food and better nutrition - and again, we sought out people to help us find the right path.⁠

And we wanted our children to know that quite often in life there is a better choice, a better path – to be kind, show respect for people, animals and things, and to think about the impact their words and actions can have on their environment and the people around them.⁠ ⁠

As Pathfinders, we are always striving to find the better path – not the one that is better than anyone else’s; just the one that is best for us.

And if we can inspire people to join us and find their better paths too – well then, that is who or what being a Pathfinder is all about!

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