Reuse, Recycle & Repurpose!

I’m one of five children! Together with my parent’s, a dog, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and a rescue chicken (who grew up to be a cock!...), our house was pretty crowded and there wasn’t always a massive amount to go around.

Don’t get me wrong, we always had plenty of food and we never went without the essentials, but our childhood was quite basic. We learnt to appreciate what we had, not to be frivolous, and how to turn something unwanted into something wonderful.

I learnt my creativity from my Mum. She taught me how to draw, sew and knit, and by the age of seven I was making clothes for my teddies from old t-shirts and dresses.

My practicality and vision, I got from my Dad - He would give me the tools, a quick lesson and leave me to it. As a teenager, I dismantled my single bed, converted it into a sofa and built a shelf unit and desk in my bedroom. Years later, one of our neighbours asked to borrow my husband’s power drill – to which I replied that he didn’t have one, but he could borrow mine!

Pathfinder’s first print table was put together from a three-foot square of MDF (which I found in the shed), a couple of old hinges and an old wooden picture frame. I printed hundreds of t-shirts on the kitchen table using that set-up before we eventually invested in the six-colour carousel printing beast we use today. And we now have ‘real’ screens, driers, and lots of other funky kit too!

But I still don’t like waste, and wherever possible, I still make our kit.

Which is why almost everything at Pathfinder UK is reused, recycled, or repurposed.

Our packaging isn’t always the best looking, because quite often it used to be someone else’s! Test t-shirts get printed again and again, washed on a hot wash, and printed again - And when there is absolutely nowhere left to print, they get cut down and turned into rag rugs, dusters and cleaning cloths. I still make our platens and our drying racks used to be the sides of our children’s cot.

And from day one – we have only ever stocked suppliers who share our views and produce their garments in a sustainable and ethical way.

And that’s the way it will always be… #buildingthepathtoabetterfuture

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